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Swansea Then & Now

Geoff Brookes



Price: £14.99

Publication date: 7 September 2015

Price: £12.99

Publication date: 1 October 2012

Series: Then and Now

Category: Regional History

Swansea has a rich, absorbing past, which is uniquely reflected in this delightful, full-colour compilation. Contrasting a selection of forty-five archive images alongside modern photographs taken from the same location, this new book reveals the changing faces, buildings and streets of Swansea during the last century.

Beneath the sad anonymity of a post-war city, devastated by the Blitz during the Second World War, the vestiges of something more distinguished still remain. Look closely and you can see the echoes of a past that has been taken away.

Swansea Then & Now will provide visitors with a glimpse of how the city used to be, in addition to awakening nostalgic memories for those who live or work there.