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Morriston Then & Now

Andre Scoville



Price: £14.99

Publication date: 3 February 2014

ISBN: 9780750955171

Price: £14.99

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Publication date: 3 February 2014

Series: Then and Now

Category: Regional History

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Morriston has grown rapidly over the last 100 years. Though it was constructed around 1796, it was in the early twentieth century that it became a thriving industrial area. Spacious streets were built alongside a river and then two railway lines and a canal arrived. In later years the m4 motorway, a large hospital and the DVLA have all made an impact. In the fast-growing town, little exists to suggest Morriston’s history, but this book aims to give residents a glimpse into the town’s past.

This absorbing collection of previously unpublished photographs from respected Morriston historian, André Scoville, sets the peaceful old town against the larger present-day town, and informative captions explain what events have taken place over the years. The book will interest anyone who lives, or has lived, in the area.