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Harrogate Then & Now

David J. Jenkinson



Price: £12.99

Publication date: 29 September 8000

Series: Then and Now

Category: Regional History

This enthralling collection of eighty pairs of ‘Then and Now’ photographs compares the Harrogate of yesteryear with the Harrogate of today. Retracing the steps of his predeccessors David J. Jenkinson ahs gone to great lengths to capture precisely the same views as those earlier photographers.
Through the pairing of images we see the changes that have taken place in Harrogate and occasionally scenes that remain little altered today. The transformations common to most towns and cities are seen in Harrogate the shift from pedestrian and equestrian traffic to the constant stream of motor cars. Particular to Harrogate, however, is the transition from spa town to centre for conference.
The development of Britain’s most famous spa town is seen in Kings Road, Station Parade and Parliament Street. Our attention is caught by the designs of Victorian architects and engineers through to the modern shopping centres of today. We are taken on a journey around the town through time as well as locality. Landmarks, made famous by a century of picture postcards, and long lost buildings, such as St George’s orphanage, are pictured with the corresponding, perhaps unrecognisable view in our own time. The changes experienced on the railway are well illustrated as are the changes seen in the main roads, residential streets and buildings throughout Harrogate.