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Portsmouth Then & Now

John Sadden

Mark Wingham



Price: £14.99

Publication date: 20 October 2010

Series: Then and Now

Category: Regional History

The major port and popular tourist city of Portsmouth has a rich heritage which is uniquely reflected in this fascinating new compilation, carefully selected from private collections. Contrasting a selection of over eighty archive images alongside full-colour modern photographs, this book delves into the changing faces, buildings and streets of Portsmouth and Southsea.

The photographs in this absorbing collection enable the reader to explore the differences that passing time, wartime bombing, the rise in car use and redevelopment has wrought on the streets, neighbourhoods, businesses, houses and, not least, the people of Portsmouth.

Archive images, including rare Victorian views and some remarkable Edwardian street scenes by the Barkshire Brothers, are compared and contrasted with similar views taken today or, in some cases, in the interim, placing often unrecognisable scenes in their context of place and time. Inspiring fond memories in some and revealing the Portsmouth of yesteryear to others, this volume will appeal to all who know this ever-changing city.