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1. How can I contact Batsford Books?

Details about how to get in touch with us are on our Contact Us page.

2. How can I contact an author?

We cannot give out personal mail or email addresses for our authors. However, all author mail is forwarded directly to our authors via our publicity departments.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a reply.

Please write to:

‘Author name’
c/o Batsford Books
43 Great Ormond Street

3. How do I make an order?

To place an order, search for the book within the Books section of the website and then follow the link to buy the book through an online retailer, or find your local independent bookshop.

For trade orders please see the Trade Sales page.

4. Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

We are happy to accept unsolicited submissions but due to the high volume of proposals we receive, are unable to acknowledge receipt. Please take time to read the submission guidelines below and check the subject matters published by our imprints.

Submissions should contain a proposed outline, chapter outline and a sample chapter if available, accompanied by a cover letter containing your name, address and other contact details. Please include a stamped, addressed envelope to enable us to respond to you. Post submissions and general queries to the ‘Publisher’ and add the relevant imprint name (e.g): Publisher, Batsford, 43 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3HZ.

We do not accept handwritten proposals. All work should be typed and double-spaced. Pages should be numbered if possible.

Although we take great care with all material we receive, it is not advisable to send us the only copy of your manuscript and any illustrations because we do not accept responsibility for any material sent. All submissions are sent at owners risk.

5. The book I am looking for is not on the website?

There will be occasions when we books that we have published in the past do not appear on the website – this can be for a number of reasons. There are resources available to locate “missing” or out of print books. Please see below for a few suggestions:

Abe Books


Book Finder

6. How can I access your catalogues?

You can view all of our catalogues on our Catalogues page.