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Three-Dimensional Textiles

with Coils, Loops, Knots and Nets

Ruth Lee



ISBN: 9781906388645

Price: £ 19.99

Publication date: 16 August 2010

Category: Textile Art

  • Innovative techniques with coils, plaits, loops, knots and nets for textile artists
  • Create two-and three-dimensional structures with embellishments
  • Basic construction techniques with step-by-step diagrams
  • Stunning samples and finished textile pieces

An important book for textile artists looking for new ways of working in two- and three-dimensions, using the techniques of interweaving, looping, twining, knotting, netting and coiling. Traditionally used in basketry and net-making, these simple techniques – that need no machinery and no looms – are perfect for textile artists looking for fresh ideas. 

A range of tactile materials can be used in these techniques, from yarns to hemp, nettle string, fabric strips and fine rattan to polythene tubing and plastic packaging tape – plus there are instructions on making your own cordage. The author introduces ways to embellish these structures with found objects, distressed Tyvek, felted tubes, shells, seed heads, wire, paper-knotted tubes and metal tubes. Each chapter takes the reader through the basics of the construction process with clear step-by-step illustrations and diagrams in addition to samples and stunning finished pieces.


Ruth Lee is a textile artist and teacher who has taught knit and non-loom weaving-based techniques for over 30 years. As a maker and teacher she is committed to promoting traditional textile construction techniques within contemporary fibre arts practice. Ruth has recently studied printed textiles and is currently exploring new directions for her work, in particular combining digital technologies with the handmade across print, stitch and off- loom construction techniques. She lives in Cumbria and exhibits widely across the UK.