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Layered Textiles

new surfaces with heat tools, machine and hand stitch

Kim Thittichai



ISBN: 9781849940085

Price: £ 19.99

Publication date: 7 September 2011

Category: Textile Art

The latest book from the bestselling author Kim Thittichai focuses on the range of ideas and techniques for layering your textiles. These layers can produce simple to extreme surfaces for stitch. Layering is a major feature of today’s textile art, whether to create relief, colour, texture or dimension.

The author takes you through a number of key materials – papers, synthetic and natural fabric, translucent materials, wires, paints and sprays – that can be incorporated into layered textiles. Various techniques are combined with these materials, from using heat guns, soldering irons and lazer cutting to machine and hand stitch to give the reader endless ideas for their own creative work.

As always, the author has provided exercises for the creative process and the techniques but combined them with the work of the best textile artists around the world today. It provides the ultimate guide to the subject of layered textiles for readers looking to experiment with their own textile art.


Kim Thittichai is a popular textile artist who specialises in teaching experimental textiles. Her speciality is creating three-dimensional textile forms. She does workshops and lecture nationally and exhibits her work at various textiles shows across the UK. She is the author of the best selling Hot Textiles. She lives in Brighton.