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Textures from Nature in Textile Art

Natural inspiration for mixed-media and textile artists

Marian Jazmik



ISBN: 9781849946704

Price: £ 22.95

Publication date: 5 August 2021

ISBN: 9781849947381

ASIN: B09BD9711G

Price: £ 16.99

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Publication date: 5 August 2021

Category: Textile Art

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Harness the beauty of the natural world to create unique textile art pieces.

Learn how to create beautiful textile art inspired by details in nature in this practical and inspirational guide. Acclaimed textile artist Marian Jazmik shows how to use unusual recycled and repurposed materials combined with traditional fabric and thread.

Marian reveals the secrets of her lushly textured and sculptural embroidered pieces, from initial photograph to finished object. Exploring nature as a constant source of inspiration, she shows how to turn a chance spotting of lichen on a tree trunk or a scattering of autumn leaves into glorious textile or mixed-media art. Marian goes on to explore the myriad of techniques she uses in her work, including:

  • How to begin with photography, homing in on details in nature.
  • How to manipulate images to create microscopic and surprising detail.
  • How to translate the images into 3-D work, using an eclectic mix of natural and man-made textiles, as well as unusual recycled materials otherwise be destined for landfill (packaging, plastics and household DIY products).
  • Hand and machine embroidery.
  • Dyeing, printing and painting.
  • Using heat gun and soldering iron to create heavily textured surfaces.

Packed with practical tips, inspiration and illustrated throughout with glorious examples of Marian’s work, this book will provide you with endless imaginative ideas for distilling the wonders of nature into your own textile art.


Marian Jazmik is an embroiderer and textile artist who is known for creating richly textured pieces inspired by the natural world. She exhibits widely, most recently at the Knitting and Stitching Show, the Home Gallery in Manchester and the Prism textiles exhibition in London and Birmingham. She lives in Bolton, Lancashire.



‘The myriad of processes developed to reinterpret intricate surfaces is utterly absorbing. From start to finish, you’ll find a steady stream of imaginative and surprising ideas to adapt and adopt’


'A whole book covering [Marian’s] methods … is a treat indeed’

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‘Refreshingly inclusive and unassuming … From start to finish, you’ll find a steady stream of imaginative and surprising ideas to adapt and adopt’


‘If you love to create richly embellished and detailed textiles, then this is the book for you … endless inspiration for creating your own nature-inspired original artwork’

Embroidery magazine

‘[Marian’s] huge enthusiasm for stitch, nature, textiles and experimentation makes this a wonderful read for anyone sharing these interests’

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‘Marian enables you to see the textures and colours if nature in closer detail than you may ever have done before … it’s a fabulous book and fully deserves to be on your bookshelf’

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