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Record, Map and Capture in Textile Art

Data visualization in cloth and stitch

Jordan Cunliffe



ISBN: 9781849947190

Price: £ 22.95

Publication date: 1 September 2022

ISBN: 9781849948319

ASIN: 9781849948319

Price: £ 16.99

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Publication date: 1 September 2022

Category: Crafts

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A guide to the increasingly popular trend of transforming data into beautiful textile art.

This stylish and fascinating book from up-and-coming textile art star Jordan Cunliffe shows how raw data, maps and personal experience can be distilled into textile art, producing mesmerising works with deep meaning, whether obvious or hidden, and concentrating on the smaller, quieter moments that make up our lives.

Jordan explores the use of stitched data to tell stories, pinpoint special places on maps, convey secret messages, and record personal detail, for example daily walks or nightly sleep patterns. Her finished work is beautifully precise, including a long strip of fabric containing a stitch for every day of her life, a reimagination of a favourite childhood book in unreadable code, and pleasing beaded representations of secretly important documents.

Almost any aspect of your life can be represented in graph or map form, and here are many practical ways to achieve this, whether it’s recording the colours of flowers on a favourite path to create your own unique palette, or encoding your most private thoughts in beaded morse code. This visually stunning book explores a new way of working and will help you explore a fresh new angle in your embroidery and textile work.

Illustrated with a wealth of examples of the author’s own work as well as pieces from other data-focused artists from around the world, Record, Map and Capture in Textile Art proves beyond all doubt that data can be beautiful, and can inspire stunning works of stitched art.


Jordan Cunliffe is a textile artist and embroidery designer with a focus on data and storytelling, taking traditional textile techniques and pairing them with contemporary concepts. She is based in Colne, Lancashire and this is her first book.



‘Data, well actually it can be a thing of great beauty … Let this book inspire you to capture your own narrative.’

Ailish Henderson Blog

‘There is much to inspire and inform all textile artists’

The Quilter

‘If you’ve ever kept a journal, or tracked changes in some way, this book inspires you to share that data in new and embroidered ways!’

Mr X Stitch

‘Meticulously explores how to distil experience into textile art.’

The Travelling Book Binder

‘A new and inspiring approach’ 

The Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers