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New Ideas in Fusing Fabric

Cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron

Margaret Beal



ISBN: 9781849940924

Price: £ 19.99

Publication date: 18 August 2013

Category: Textile Art

New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by the author of the best-selling Fusing Fabrics takes a new look at the techniques of the soldering iron that have revolutionized textile art. The author takes you through the key techniques of cutting, bonding and mark-making and then expands on the various new ways you can use these techniques, particularly while using new synthetic materials such as Evalon, Lutradur and polymetallic materials.

Many traditional embroidery and sewing techniques have been the inspiration for Margaret Beal’s latest ideas, and some of the techniques discussed use the principle of drawn thread work, insertions, patchwork, seams and layering. She has developed new and challenging approaches by experimenting with a variety of synthetic fabrics, creating new surface textures, distorting surfaces and combining and manipulating these to form three-dimensional pieces.

The author gives detailed instructions on all the techniques, and a beautiful display of some of the most exciting textile art being made today. 


Margaret Beal is an embroiderer who travels all over the UK teaching her innovative and popular soldering-iron techniques. She is the author of Fusing Fabric (ISBN 9780713490688). She lives in Andover, Hampshire.