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The Steam Engine

Pride of Britain

Anthony Burton



Price: £6.00

Publication date: 1 June 2015

Category: Heritage

The steam engine provided power for almost every aspect of life in the West for over 200 years: for industry, transport, agriculture, and generating electricity.

This is the story of a machine that began as a crude device used only for pumping water from mines, which became the main driving force behind the mills and factories of Britain. By the end of the 18th century, the steam engine had moved into the world of transport, first powering boats, and then trundling off down the highway before finding a home on railed tracks. It is one of the greatest stories of British inventiveness, and the steam engine has a host of admirers.

Anthony Burton covers the early ideas that led to the development of steam, and the breakthroughs by blacksmiths Newcomen and Watt. With full-colour photographs and illustrations, this comprehensive and fascinating guide explores the steam engine in all its many guises and its preservation even today.

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Anthony Burton is an author and broadcaster who specialises mostly in industrial and transport history since his first book in the area, The Canal Builders, was published in 1972. As well as canals, railways and other forms of transport, his interests also include the countryside and landscape history.

As a broadcaster, Anthony Burton has worked with the BBC, Discovery and Channel 5 as on-screen presenter, writer and historical adviser.