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Cathedral Music with CD

Vivien Brett



Price: £ 6.47

Publication date: 22 April 2010

Category: Heritage

Draw near and listen. Almost daily, a unique and ancient tradition is performed in Britain’s historic cathedrals: the choral service.

This heritage of church music, one of Britain’s greatest treasures, is now at its most glorious. British cathedrals and college chapels have a unique tradition of choral music admired acorss the globe. Learn about the ancient choral rules of the Churhc of England, the cathedral’s monastic foundations and the highly disciplined life of cathedral choristers.

All visitors and worshipppers will find this guide invaluable. This fascinating Pitkin Guide looks at the tradition, choirs, organs, people and places that brings us this wonderful legacy of music, including fasinating sections on royal pageantry and the manuscripts that have protected centuries-old choral music for us.

Includes a CD of some of the best cathedral music. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.


Vivien Brett is the author of many Pitkin city guides – Oxford, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bath and more. She has also written on Cathedral Music.