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Life in Tudor Palaces & Houses

Alison Sim



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Publication date: 27 May 2011

ISBN: 075249175X


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Publication date: 27 May 2011

Category: Heritage

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Our nation is a treasury of outstanding palaces and fine merchant houses from this rich period in our past. The Tudor period is one that feels familiar to many of us with famous monarchs such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, but we perhaps are not as familiar with the everyday life of the era.

Here we uncover what these remarkable buildings can tell us about Tudor lives and times. Alison Sim’s guide explores noble to ordinary households, how Tudors cared for their homes, and their daily routines including diet, health and entertainment.

This is an informative and entertaining look at the daily reality of life in the Tudor period, from the wealthiest families to the humblest of households. Colour photographs of palaces and homes, accompanied by contemporary portraits and woodcuts give a fascinating insight into the everyday life of the Tudors.

Contains a list of related places to visit, including many National Trust properties, and a glossary of key terms used within the guide.


Alison Sim is an English historian and author who specialises in the Tudor period. Her interest in Tudor food has taken her to the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace to lecture.

Her Pitkin titles include Life in Tudor Palaces & Houses.