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Gothic Glories plus CD

Alexandrina Buchanan



Price: £ 6.99

Publication date: 22 April 2010

Category: Heritage

From fairy-tale castles and baronial halls to dungeons, torture and horror, the Gothic style has been incredibly influential. Indeed the cultural heritage of Britain owes more to the Gothic style than any other period, and many of our nation’s buildings have a Gothic past.

Explore the history of this awe-inspiring style of architecture in Alexandrina Buchanan’s informative guide to the Gothic. The guide comprehensively covers the origins of the style and its use in church buildings as well as homes, through to the Victorian and Modern Gothic.

illustrated by colour photographs of Gothic features and artworks, this guide is also accompanied by a CD of music with a Gothic theme to celebrate some of our most magnificent Gothic glories.

A classic Pitkin. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.


Alexandrina Buchanan is Lecturer in Archive Studies at the University of Liverpool and is active in the field of art and architectural studies and the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Her interests include medieval architecture and architectural history as a discipline, with her Pitkin titles including Gothic Glories.