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Travels with Watercolour

Techniques for Painting Anywhere

Lucy Willis

Robin Capon



ISBN: 9781906388331

Price: £ 12.99

Publication date: 28 February 2009

Category: Practical Art

Travels with Watercolour is a book for every watercolour painter who loves to travel – whether it’s the English coast or India – and wants to make the most of painting on location. Packed with practical advice, as well as 150 of Lucy Willis’s beautiful paintings, it provides all the information necessary for the painter to plan and enjoy painting – wherever their travels take them. It covers:

* Equipment, including how to travel light by using a limited palette of colours, how to make the best use of a sketchbook, and the most practical way to carry watercolour paper
* The practical aspects of choosing locations – how to deal with inquisitive onlookers, unfamiliar weather conditions, and how to respect the cultures of other countries.
* The watercolour techniques that are best suited to location work, enabling the painter to capture a scene quickly and effectively.

* What to paint, from dramatic skies in Tanzania to bathers on the beach in Cornwall
* How to follow up location work back at home, using sketches, photographs and notes to develop paintings made on location or create new ones.


Lucy Willis studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford, then taught drawing and etching at the Aegean School of Fine Art in Greece. She won the BP Portrait Award in 1992 and now exhibits her work widely. She lives in Bridgwater, Somerset. 



Robin Capon was an experienced author and art journalist. He wrote several books, including with co-authors, David Curtis: Light and Mood in Watercolour 9780713489552 and Abstract and Colour Techniques (with Claire Harrigan) 9780713490558. He was a regular contributor to The Artist and Leisure Painter.