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David Curtis Light and Mood in Watercolour

David Curtis

Robin Capon



ISBN: 9780713490732

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 15 February 2008

ISBN: 9781849943239


Price: £ 10.99

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Publication date: 30 July 2015

Category: Practical Art

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Stunning watercolour title new in paperback.

Leading watercolourist reveals the secrets behind his atmospheric, light-filled paintings. Watercolour is ideal for capturing the transient effects of light and, with compact and lightweight materials, is the perfect medium for plein-air painting. Leading watercolour painter David Curtis is a strong advocate of working on site, observing and capturing changing conditions and effects. In this beautifully illustrated book, he explains in detail his two main methods for working on location – for quick, loose studies and for more controlled and detailed paintings. He also shows how to collect reference material on the spot and develop this into resolved paintings back at the studio.

He provides helpful instruction on interpreting light effects, with strong guidance on choosing materials, exploring techniques, composition, tone and colour and associated topics. This invaluable advice is complemented by a wealth of sketches, finished works and step-by-step demonstration paintings to illustrate different points and inspire further ideas. Reference Light and Mood in Watercolour hardback (9780713489552)

  • Leading watercolourist reveals the secrets behind his light-filled paintings
  • How to work en plein air to capture the transient effects of light
  • How to collect reference material on location but paint in the studio
  • Bestselling title new in paperback


David Curtis is one of the country’s best-known painters, with a number of prestigious art awards. His work is widely exhibited and is also published as fine-art cards and prints. He is the author of the bestselling Light and Mood in Watercolours and Capturing the Moment in Oils



Robin Capon was an experienced author and art journalist. He wrote several books, including with co-authors, David Curtis: Light and Mood in Watercolour 9780713489552 and Abstract and Colour Techniques (with Claire Harrigan) 9780713490558. He was a regular contributor to The Artist and Leisure Painter.