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Painting with Impact

Robin Capon

David Curtis



ISBN: 9781906388430

Price: £ 18.99

Publication date: 4 May 2010

ISBN: 9781849943253


Price: £ 13.99

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Publication date: 30 July 2015

Category: Practical Art

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David Curtis is one of the most successful and loved artists in the UK. His books are bestsellers and in his latest publication he talks about the secrets of producing paintings with impact. Although his work is not showy, they are powerful and are much-sought after. His secrets for painting with impact are the sensitive consideration of balance and contrast in tone, colour, handling qualities and compositional elements.
Whether you’re working on location with a limited palette or in the studio with all the time and materials at your disposal, the author talks you through the ways to capture the essence of a subject matter and the mood or sense of the place, and always with a something that will grab the viewer.
The key elements are covered: Selection – what to paint and if necessary how to simplify or dramatise those elements; Mood – creating a strong sense of mood through choice of medium, colour and painting technique; Colour – choosing the right colours to suit the intentions of the painting.
The book discusses a range of inspiring locations, from marine subjects, beaches and harbours to city scenes, trees and the light of the Mediterranean.


Robin Capon was an experienced author and art journalist. He wrote several books, including with co-authors, David Curtis: Light and Mood in Watercolour 9780713489552 and Abstract and Colour Techniques (with Claire Harrigan) 9780713490558. He was a regular contributor to The Artist and Leisure Painter.



David Curtis is one of the country’s best-known painters, with a number of prestigious art awards. His work is widely exhibited and is also published as fine-art cards and prints. He is the author of the bestselling Light and Mood in Watercolours and Capturing the Moment in Oils