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Magnificent Miniatures

Inspiration and Technique for Grand Houses on a Small Scale

Kevin Mulvany



ISBN: 9780713490596

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 1 September 2008

Category: Practical Art

This beautifully illustrated book features the breadth and range of Mulvany and Rogers’ architectural miniatures – commissioned by museums and private collectors – covering many historic periods and countries, and including projects as diverse as Versailles and an American colonial house. Mulvany and Rogers use techniques and materials, both modern and traditional, to re-create in stunning and minute detail the appearance and atmosphere of buildings, their interiors, room decor and objets d’art.

Practical projects for the reader include creating marble floors and decorative details, constructing chimneys and domes, and step-by-step instructions for making a parquet floor. Clear step-by-step instructions describe the materials needed and the techniques involved.


Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers specialise in bespoke miniature interpretations of buildings and their interiors. For over twenty years they have led their field, taking the quality of design, finish and detail to the highest levels. Their work is exhibited all over the world, especially the USA. Kevin and Susie live in Holt, Wiltshire



"Their [Husband-and-wife team Susie Rogers and Kevin Mulvany] new book, Magnificant Miniatures, looks back on 25 years of their work, allowing the reader ample opportunity to marvel at the patience and skill that has resulted in these tiny works of arts. But the book doesn't merely offer visual inspiration - there are practical projects too, with clear step-by-step instructions for creating wood-panelling, parquet, trompe l'oeil, electrification - everything, in fact, that may help you create a home for the most exacting of Homily Clocks."

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