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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration

70 Years: 1952–2022

Brian Hoey



ISBN: 9781841659398

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Publication date: 1 February 2022

ISBN: 9781841659473


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Publication date: 1 January 2022

Category: Biography

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has carried out her role as Sovereign with flawless professionalism. Her demeanour has been perfect, and in the seventy years she has reigned she has epitomised all the hallmarks of an iconic sovereign beloved of her people.

As Heir Presumptive, the young Princess Elizabeth received special tuition in law and constitutional history to prepare her for her future role as Sovereign.

When she succeeded her father, King George VI, on 6th February 1952, Elizabeth was only twenty-five years old. Married for just five years with two young children, her life changed irrevocably. The responsibilities of monarchy have taken precedence over all else, and the public duties invariably have first call on the Queen’s time and energy.

This book celebrates the highlights and challenges of the Queen’s reign over the past seven decades:

  • Recalls Princess Elizabeth’s childhood and the war years
  • Includes accounts of the Accession and Coronation when she was still a young woman
  • Details each decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, focussing on both her working life and her family
  • Describes in detail a typical working day for the sovereign
  • A special focus on the enduring contribution Her Majesty has made to life in the UK and the Commonwealth, as well as her enviable reputation worldwide
  • A true celebration in honour of our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Brian Hoey is the author of thirty-six books about royalty, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration. He has interviewed many members of the Royal Family including Prince Charles and the Princess Royal, the late Duke of Edinburgh and Diana, Princess of Wales.

An experienced broadcaster, he was one of the BBC’s first royal newscasters and contributes to newspapers and magazines throughout the world on royal matters.




‘Excellent book and wonderful photographs’

Roy Noble
BBC Radio Wales