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Creative doodles with Raw Drawing

In Raw Drawing, visual designer Alessandro Bonaccorsi shows you how to draw in a truly spontaneous and carefree way. Leave your stresses and inhibitions behind and try out these simple Raw Drawing exercises to jump-start your imagination.

From doodles to dangerous monsters, Raw Drawing will enable you to reveal your real imagination, get closer to the heart of things and learn to appreciate the beauty of the spontaneous. It’s a non-judgemental technique to help you visualise your thoughts, express your emotions, develop ideas and disappear into your own drawn world.

Since launching the Raw Drawing initiative, Alessandro Bonaccorsi has given dozens of courses, helping people expand their creativity. In Raw Drawing, he brings together all of his core teachings, making the power and creativity of Raw Drawing accessible to everyone.

Alessandro describes Raw Drawing as follows:

‘We need to find the way back to when we were ancient, to when we were children, to make our way back down a path that has fallen into disrepair, overgrown with brambles and weeds, a path walked for millennia before being forgotten: this is the path of Raw Drawing. We need to regain our confidence, feel grateful again for the lines we make, enjoy ourselves and discover the great revelatory power of drawing. What is important on the path of Raw Drawing is the process of drawing, or rather the simple pleasure derived from the activity of drawing; the movement of your hand as it follows what it innately knows and does. The Raw Drawing Path will not turn you into the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

You don’t need will power, nor the dexterity of a tightrope walker. All you will need to do is let yourself go and aim for ‘nothing’ through the dogged pursuit of wellbeing, and the satisfaction derived from ‘non-doing’, where the end result is not what’s important.

To achieve this, you would do well to leave your possessions behind – like St Francis before his hermitage and sainthood – and strip yourself of all you know about drawing, of what you have been told about drawing and of what you have learned and experienced about drawing. ‘

Free Raw Drawing taster exercises

Try out Raw Drawing for yourself with these exercises. Download and print at home, or simply use a piece of scrap paper for your doodles.

Raw Drawing by Alessandro Bonaccorsi is out now.


  • Raw Drawing exercises

    Download your Raw Drawing sample exercises here.