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Raw Drawing

spontaneous and carefree drawing

Alessandro Bonaccorsi



ISBN: 9781849945509

Price: £ 12.99

Publication date: 27 June 2019

Category: Practical Art

As Picasso said: ‘It took me a lifetime to Paint Like a Child’.

Raw Drawing is not an art class — it is a unique philosophy and a practical resource that teaches you how to draw spontaneously and creatively without any inhibition. Learn how to use signs, lines and shapes to create a new visual language. It’s a non-judgmental technique to help you visualize your thoughts, express your emotions, develop your ideas and, why not, relax with a pen or pencil.

Since he launched the Raw Drawing initiative in 2017, Italian artist Alessandro Bonaccorsi has given dozens of courses across Italy, helping people expand their creativity. This book brings together all of Alessandro’s core teachings, making the power and creativity of raw drawing accessible to everyone. The book is recommended for those over 14 years of age, who are open to let themselves become children again and draw with a carefree mind.

Use Raw Drawing to get closer to the heart of things, and learn to appreciate the beauty of the spontaneous.


‘Once you’ve finished reading and doing the exercises, you won’t be able to stop drawing’


Maja Milkowska-Shibata Blog