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Kitty Ferguson

Kitty Ferguson has been writing and lecturing about science and scientists for over two decades. Kitty is the author of eight books; her 1991 biography Stephen Hawking: Quest for the Theory of Everything was written with Hawking’s encouragement and help and was an international bestseller. She also was a consultant for Hawking s book The Universe in a Nutshell. Her most recent biography, Stephen Hawking His Life and Work/An Unfettered Mind, has been translated into 30 languages. Kitty has been interviewed by Forbes magazine, PBS’s ‘Fresh Air with Terry Gross’, the ‘News Hour with Jim Lehrer’, and the BBC. She lectures widely in North America and Europe, and her appearances have included the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Hayden Planetarium in NYC, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and many universities. Kitty and her husband divide their time between Cambridge, England and South Carolina.