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The Wars of the Roses

Michael St John Parker



Price: £ 6.00

Publication date: 3 March 2014

Category: History

The Wars of the Roses which took place in England during the 15th century have passed into folk-memory as bloody, vicious struggles for power, with the throne as the prize and ordinary people as the victims. William Shakespeare’s propaganda for the Tudor dynasty played a great part in creating this legend. Yet the truth was rather more complex. Although power changed hands often, and sometimes with bewildering speed, English society in general was relatively stable, and prosperous. The Wars of the Roses represent a stage in the evolution of a British nation, emerging from the long shadow of medieval France that had lain over these islands since the Norman Conquest. This popular book covers the period beautifully.


Michael St John Parker is a historian and writer who has written a numerous amount of Pitkin guides. These include King Arthur, William Shakespeare, The Wars of the Roses, Life in Victorian Britain, The Civil War, Britain’s Kings and Queens and more.