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King John and Magna Carta

Sean McGlynn



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Publication date: 2 February 2015

ISBN: 0750967188

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Publication date: 2 February 2015

Category: History

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After becoming king in 1199, resentment grew and grew at the inept way John dealt with financial issues until matters came to a head with his barons.

John lost his military campaigns; he was corrupt, indulged in blackmail, and manipulated the justice system more than any other king. He was a womaniser and rumours of ruthlessness surrounded him. The author provides fascinating insights into John’s rule, which ultimately leads to the story of Magna Carta.

Magna Carta placed huge impositions on the king; now he could no longer rule arbitrarily but only in accordance with ‘the law of the land’. The impact of this precedence remains with us today.

From the charter’s clauses that focussed on more mundane matters to a whole range of references to feudal issues, this guide is a perfect introduction to the incompetent rule of King John and his legacy that is Magna Carta. Calls to standardise measures of wine, ale and corn follow the collapse of empire, bound together in this informative guide complete with full-colour illustrations and contempoaray artworks.


Sean McGlynn is a prolific writer with an interest in medieval history and warfare. As well as reviewing books and contributing to history magazines and journals, he is also the author of King John and Magna Carta for Pitkin.