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Light and Movement in Watercolour

Secrets and techniques for painting movement, light and shadow

Jake Winkle

Robin Capon



ISBN: 9781849940276

Price: £ 18.99

Publication date: 24 May 2012

ISBN: 9781849948609

ASIN: 9781849948609

Price: £ 12.99

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Publication date: 2 March 2023

Category: Practical Art

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Jake Winkle’s loose, fresh and spontaneous style of painting is very popular.  His paintings are full of light and movement and a key feature of his technique is that he doesn’t work in the traditional way of light to dark but by placing the darks first.  In Light and Movement in Watercolour, his first book, he demonstrates how to paint watercolours in a loose, direct way by step-by-step demonstrations and practical projects.

Watercolours are often spoiled by a desire to be entirely truthful to the subject matter, which can lead to a painting that is overworked and tight.  Jake’s loose approach avoids those problems.  He looks at subject simplification and shows how to focus on shapes rather than objects and, by painting what you see and not what you know, demonstrates how to capture the essence of the scene with freshness and clarity.

The main topics in this book are:  Understanding Watercolour; Building Confidence; What to Paint; Shapes, Tones and Colours; Dark to Light and Freshness and Clarity.  Jake considers each topic in detail and shows the reader how to create paintings that glow with life, interest and spontaneity.


Robin Capon was an experienced author and art journalist. He wrote several books, including with co-authors, David Curtis: Light and Mood in Watercolour 9780713489552 and Abstract and Colour Techniques (with Claire Harrigan) 9780713490558. He was a regular contributor to The Artist and Leisure Painter.