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Hazel Soan’s Art of the Limited Palette

a step-by-step practical watercolour guide

Hazel Soan



ISBN: 9781849947640

Price: £ 19.99

Publication date: 4 August 2022

ISBN: 9781849948197

ASIN: 9781849948197

Price: £ 14.99

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Publication date: 4 August 2022

Category: Practical Art

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How to work with a limited palette, with step-by-step demonstrations.

One of the world’s best art teachers shows you how to give spontaneity and lightness to your work with a limited palette. Using only three colours (up to five at the very most), is the most effective way to give your art a fresh feel. With an array of paintings, techniques and step-by-step demonstrations, renowned artist Hazel Soan goes through a range of specific colour combinations that work. 

Each chapter looks at a different combination, guided by a principal hue or pigment property. For landscapes she discusses cool blue and warm yellow, for gardens transparent reds and complimentary green, and for seascapes warm blue, cool yellow and granulation. The author explores the almost inexhaustible three-colour combinations but also discusses when four- or five-colour combinations would enhance or work more efficiently. This ensures your work is more cohesive, light and brings out the beauty of the watercolour medium. 

This extensive guide is packed with demonstrations, work in progress and finished paintings – and every single painting will have the colours itemized, making this not only a great technique book but great resource for colour combinations. Ideal for all painters, new or experienced. 


Hazel Soan is a popular and successful artist who divides her time between London and Cape Town, exhibiting her work widely. She has her own gallery in Fulham, London. She is author of several bestselling books and a range of successful DVDs. She was one of the art experts in the popular Channel 4 TV series Watercolour Challenge. The very successful Learn Watercolour Quickly, Essence of Watercolour and Watercolour Rainbow are also by Hazel Soan.



‘There’s so much here that this becomes one of the most comprehensive studies of and guides to colour there is.’

Henry Malt
Art Book Review

‘By no means the first book on painting with a limited palette, but it is certainly the most comprehensive and least prescriptive’

Henry Malt
The Artist