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Iron Age Britain

Barry Cunliffe



ISBN: 9781849942409

ASIN: 9781849942409

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Publication date: 24 November 2014

Category: History

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This revised introduction to Britain in the first millennium BC incorporates modifications to a story that is still controversial. It covers a time of dramatic change in Europe, dominated by the emergence of Rome as a megastate. In Britain, on the extremity of these developments, it was a period of profound social and economic change, which saw the end of the prehistoric cycle of the Neolithic and bronze Ages, and the beginning of a world that was to change little in its essentials until the great voyages of colonization and trade of the 16th century. The theme of the book is that of social change within an insular society sitting on the periphery of a world in revolution.


Barry Cunliffe is the head of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Oxford. He is the author of many popular and academic books on European Archaeology.