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Unbuilt with Christopher Beanland at Birmingham Modernist Society

18/12/2021 11:00 am – 18/12/2021 12:30 pm | Minima, 98 Hospital Street, Birmingham, B19 3QP

In this illustrated talk, Christopher Beanland will take you on a journey around the world as it could have been. Along the way, you will discover the most exciting architectural projects never built, from a dome over Manhattan to rolling pavements in Berlin.

In his new book Unbuilt, Christopher tells the stories of the plans, drawings and proposals that have emerged since the 20th century in an unparalleled era of optimism in architecture. Many of these grand projects stayed on the drawing board, some were flights of fancy that couldn’t be built, and in other cases test structures or parts of buildings did emerge in the real world.

Join Birmingham Modernist Society to hear Christopher talk about his journey in assembling Unbuilt and the drawings, visions and abandoned projects he found along the way. The talk will be followed by a book singing.

This event is FREE to attend. Book your place here.


Christopher Beanland is a journalist and author who specialises in architecture and travel writing. He is the author of Concrete Concept: Brutalist buildings around the world and writes regularly for The GuardianThe IndependentThe Telegraph and Mr Porter.