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Rainy Day Kids Adventure Book

Outdoor games and activities for the wind, rain and snow

Steph Scott

Katie Akers



ISBN: 9781849944380

Price: £ 9.99

Publication date: 7 September 2017

ISBN: 9781849944847


Price: £ 6.99

  Our price: £

Publication date: 15 February 2018

Category: Non-Fiction

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A practical companion to help kids enjoy outdoor activities and adventures even when it’s rainy, snowy or windy.

As the weather turns into autumn and the kids start watching more television and stare at the computer, how can you get them out and about to enjoy the cooler months? Outdoor enthusiasts Steph and Katie are teachers and mothers and have years of experience of finding new and novel ways to get kids to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather.

This great little tome is packed with ideas for games, activities and nature crafts that are perfectly suited to the autumnal and winter months of rain and wind. Activities range from puddle painting and making your own nature paint brushes, to making wind spinners from golden leaves and feathers. Why not try puddle pouncing or raindrop racing, or create a pool and spa for an elf? Or make a leafy woven kite, windmill or nature parachute for the windy weather?

Nature offers loads of autumnal bits and bobs just waiting for a creative hand. And if you don’t want to stay out for too long, the book lists things to collect outdoors for taking home and used for stay-at-home projects.

The book encourages youngsters to see the excitement of wind, snow, rain and to enjoy the elements with fun projects that excite the imagination.


Steph Scott is a Speech and Language Therapist and Scuba Diving instructor. 



Katie Akers is a primary school teacher and forest school leader. Katie and Steph met through their children and have since spent endless hours stamping through puddles, dancing through leaves and searching for the perfect stick, working hard to give their children the best possible introduction to nature. It is from these adventures that the Let’s Go Outside book emerged.