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Papercut This Book

Techniques, templates and paper

Boo Paterson



ISBN: 9781849944090

Price: £ 16.99

Publication date: 3 August 2017

Category: Crafts

This book provides all the paper, templates and instructions you need to start making your own beautiful papercraft – all you need is a scalpel and a cutting board.

Papercutting artist Boo Paterson shows you step-by-step how to craft your own intricate rainforests, jungles and the critters that live in them in this easy-to-follow, illustrative book. Learn how to cut and bring to life a variety of animals, from tigers to sloths, kangaroos to orangutans. This book includes everything you will need to get started – clear instructions, templates for cutting, as well as easy-to-pull-out, high quality art paper in a variety of colours.

This book is perfect for beginners as well as those wanting to develop their skills at papercutting. It starts with a chapter on tools, information on materials and step-by-step images on how to master the basic techniques of papercutting. The rest of the book is packed with projects of varying difficulties, complete with full colour images of the finished work and clear, instructional templates showing you where to cut or bend the paper. There is also advice on how best to frame and present your complete masterpieces.


Boo Paterson is a Scottish artist and illustrator, creating papercuts, paper sculptures and pop-ups. Her work, which has been displayed at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Art, is conceptual in style and often influenced by real-life news events. She was shortlisted for the 2016 World Illustration Awards and has been featured in media world-wide, such as the BBC, Fox 5 News, House & Garden, The Week, ITV News, the Daily Mail and Buzzfeed. She has also collaborated with former Topshop milliner, Lilly Lewis, on a range of vintage-style hats, inspired by New York’s skyscrapers. Boo divides her time between Scotland and New York.