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Outlander’s Scotland Seasons 4–6

Discover the evocative locations for a new era of romance and adventure for Claire and Jamie

Phoebe Taplin



ISBN: 9781841659589

Price: £ 6.00

Publication date: 11 May 2023

ISBN: 9781849948784


Price: £ 3.99

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Publication date: 11 May 2023

Category: Film & Celebrity

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Explore the glories of Scotland on an evocative trip to Outlander country.

This beautiful book, a companion to the bestselling Outlander’s Scotland, introduces more than 25 of the locations featured in the hugely popular TV show, concentrating this time on Seasons 4–6. The intrepid Claire and Jamie Fraser are starting a new life in America that is packed full of the adventure and romance fans have come to expect, against a backdrop of stunning scenery – still provided by breathtaking Scottish settings.

Discover the woods near Stirling where the Frasers make their new home, Fraser’s Ridge, and the farm shop in East Lothian where the villainous Stephen Bonnet hosts his fight club. You’ll see the very tree where Jamie carves his claim to Fraser’s Ridge, the beach where Brianna is dramatically rescued in Season 4, and the house that became River Run, Aunt Jocasta’s palatial home. Included in the book are useful guides to attractions that can be visited, along with several longer walks around the countryside showcased so beautifully on screen. We also reveal some secret locations for the upcoming Season 7! 

This gorgeous travel guide is a must-have for the legions of passionate Outlander fans, as well as everyone who loves Scotland.


Phoebe Taplin is an experienced author, who specialises in culture, heritage and travel. Phoebe has written several Pitkin heritage publications and now combines her passions for travel, walking and films in our new ‘Film Location’ series. Her books for Pitkin include Oxford Film Locations, Scotland Film Locations and Outlander’s Guide to Scotland.



‘A real bargain for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the Outlander universe … For the complete experience, why not purchase the original guide book at the same time? That way, no matter where in Scotland you happen to be, or which season’s locations you want to discover, you will be able to make a memorable Outlander connection!’

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