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New Ideas in Goldwork

Tracy A Franklin



ISBN: 9781906388034

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 16 April 2008

Category: Sewing & Dressmaking

Taking the best of the traditional and the new, New Ideas in Goldwork is a beautiful exploration of the potential of this needlework technique, combining it with metal-thread work in experimental ways. Expert and ex-Royal School of Needlework teacher Tracy Franklin takes the technique to new heights to inspire all embroiderers. Reference ideas from notebooks, cuttings and new and old embroideries are included.

Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs and clear line diagrams, New Ideas in Goldwork covers:
The basics of the traditional style, from design to simple padding with gold and metal threads; Two basic techniques of laid work and cut purl work, as these are fundamental in working a design correctly; Illustration and instruction on different stitch types; How to apply gold and metal threads in the most intricate and inspiring ways.

Colour, detail and good design are the key points, always showing how exciting and sophisticated gold and metal work can be. Finally, the readers are encouraged to use their own creativity.

  • Use different techniques in a non-traditional way while still appreciating the basic skills
  • New in paperback
  • Modern materials and devices to help you experiment further
  • Illustrated with beautiful photography, diagrams and step-by-step text