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Making Kimono and Japanese Clothes

Jenni Dobson



ISBN: 9781849945387


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Publication date: 26 October 2018

Category: Fashion

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A practical and inspirational book for dressmakers, quilters and embroiderers who have long coveted the style of Japanese clothes, in particular the kimono. Expert dressmaker and quilter Jenni Dobson takes you through the techniques for making Japanese clothes with simple step-by-step processes, but goes further, covering details on Japanese design and the various techniques for embellishing Japanese clothes. Colourfully illustrated with images of finished garments as well as practical diagrams and patterns for dressmaking, the author has deliberately made all the garments accessible even for those with limited experience of dressmaking, but there are plenty of ideas to inspire those more accomplished readers.


"Beautifully illustrated throughout, it contains a brief history of Japanese dress along with a guide to Japanese design. This is an ideal book for those who love the timeless appeal of these beautiful garments."

Sewing World, January 2009.