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Her Majesty’s Tower of London

Alan Hedley



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Category: Heritage

The Tower of London is one of the capital’s most famous landmarks and draws countless tourists and visitors every year. This is a fascinating Pitkin guide in which Alan Brooke provides a comprehensive history of the fortress and palace, dating from the Norman Conquest through to its position today as treasury of the Crown Jewels and tourist attraction.

Detailed and well-researched, the guide is packed with information not just about the famous White Tower which forms the centre of the structure but also its surrounding buildings, such as the Bell Tower in which Sir Thomas More was imprisoned in before his execution by Henry VIII, and the Tower Green which was the site of executions of famous figures such as Lady Jae Grey and Robert Devereux.

Perfect for visitors to the Tower, there is also a detailed look at where the crown regalia has historically been stored and where visitors can find the Crown Jewels today. The famous tradition and ceremony of the Tower is also addressed, with informative sections on the Yeoman Warders and the ‘beating of the hounds’ ceremony every third year.

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Alan Hedley’s Pitkin titles include Her Majesty’s Tower of London, a comprehensive guide to the history of the building and its traditions and ceremonies.