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Christopher Grey-Wilson



ISBN: 9781849942218

ASIN: 9781849942218

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Publication date: 5 February 2015

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

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A completely revised and updated edition of the most comprehensive study of the genus Cyclamen ever undertaken, this book covers species both in the wild and in cultivation, along with analyses of the many culrtivars. The book is beautifully illustrated with 200 colour photographs as well as line drawings and maps showing the distribution of the various species in the wild. A chapter is specially devoted to the very important florists’ cyclamen, Cyclamen persicum, as well as detailed notes on cultivation and propagation. Cyclamen have become ever more popular as garden plants, and the number of nurseries specializing in them has increased. However, in its natural habitat, the Mediterranean region and western Asia, the 22 known species of Cyclamen are increasingly under threat from development of various sorts. As a result conservation is a major issue in the study of the genus. Cyclamen is an ideal genus for the specialist gardener, having sufficient species to make a collection worthwhile and enough variety to sustain interest throughout the year. There is great diversity in the form and colour of the flowers as well as in the shapes and patterns of the leaves. Some are hardy enough to grow unprotected in the garden, while others make excellent plants for sheltered areas and conservatories, with one or more species in flower at almost every time of the year. This book is the best available source of information for gardeners and horticulturists, and is also invaluable to botanists and taxonomists. Using a minimum of botanical jargon, it tells all those with an interest in the subject everything that they may need or want to know about this fascinating genus.