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Contemporary Quilts

Design, Surface and Stitch

Sandra Meech



ISBN: 9780713489873

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 9 March 2006

Category: Sewing & Dress Making

This book is an essential tool for quilters and stitched textile artists who want to break away from traditional designs and develop their own creativity and take their work to a whole new level. This invaluable resource includes:

• Inspiration: how to interpret sources of inspiration found in the world around us to provide themes for quilts

• Surfaces: creative ways to experiment with surface effects

• Design: an overview of the all-important rules of design and how they can be applied to quilts

• Colour: explains the basic principles to give the reader colour confidence

• Stitch: discusses modern approaches to traditional techniques such as piecing and appliqué, free machine embroidery, mark-making and embellishment.

The author’s unique Design Classes and worksheets help to increase confidence through practical exercises, and the book contains over 200 stunning quilts, including examples from the best quilt artists working today.


Award-winning quilt artist Sandra Meech is a teacher and lecturer who works with textile groups in the UK and abroad. She is a member of Quilt Art and exhibits widely around the world. She is the author of Creative Quilts, Connecting Design to Stitch, Connecting Art to Stitch and Contemporary Quilts.