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Big Book of Contemporary Illustration

Martin Dawber



ISBN: 9781906388317

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 21 September 2009

Category: Art & Illustration

Following on from the hugely successful Big Book of Fashion Illustration, the Big Book of Contemporary Illustration covers the broadest range of illustration today from digital drawing, pixelated pictures, Photoshop fantasies to the traditional techniques of sketching and painting from over 160 international artists. With close to 1000 illustrations, the categories covered range from the technical, architectural through nature, people to fantasy, fashion and pop culture. This is an essential sourcebook for any creative professional or student and all those who appreciate the world’s best illustration.


Martin Dawber is an internationally acclaimed author on contemporary fashion, style and image. A graduate of the prestigious Royal College of Art, he was the Principal Lecturer in Fashion at John Moores University for over 30 years and continues to be globally in demand as a recognised authority on fashion and illustration. He is the best-selling author of New Fashion Illustration, New Fashion Prints and Big Book of Fashion Illustration (2007) (9780713490459).




This large format 400 page book is perfect for anyone interested in illustration. Over 1000 illustrations show the best in all fields of the subject from 400 illustrators all over the world. The categories include graphic design, fashion, pop, manga and fantasy art. They include traditionally produced work as well as digital. This is an incredible book with detailed illustrations of cars, woodcuts, cut paper, work using digital programmes showing what you can achieve with Illustrator or Photoshop. An excellent book for the budding illustrator or for those trying to get to the top.