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Benny Hill – Merry Master of Mirth

Robert Ross



ISBN: 9781849942584

ASIN: 9781849942584

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Publication date: 30 October 2014

Category: Art & Illustration

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Benny Hill is the best known and best loved British comedian on world television – from the USA to the Pacific Rim. Feted for his unique brand of coy awareness, innuendo and saucy songs – but seemingly out of favour in his homeland before his death – Benny Hill can now be rated as having had one of the foremost careers in comedy. Robert Ross tracks Hill’s career through the landmark Independent Television specials, early parody sketches for the BBC, film appearances, radio shows and recordings – including the No. 1 hit ‘Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West’. Ross examines Hill’s skillful use of the fledgling TV medium, and celebrates the support of his regular back-up team (Bob Todd, Henry McGee and Nicholas Parsons). The truth is revealed about Hill’s Angels and the alternative comedy backlash that saw Hill pushed off the small screen in the UK. Benny Hill is the ultimate guide to the most widely recognised funny man since Charlie Chaplin.