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600 Watercolour Mixes

Sharon Finmark



ISBN: 9781906388829

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 3 February 2011

Category: Practical Art

  • All you need to know about mixing watercolours
  • Explores all the different colour mixing techniques including palette mixing, overlaying and wet-into-wet
  • Provides a visual source of over 600 watercolour mixes
  • Fully annotated paintings throughout demonstrate the colours and mixes used.

Colour is fundamental to painting and the ability to mix and reproduce specific hues is an art in itself. Colour theory can be dull and complicated, but in this book, experienced artist and teacher, Sharon Finmark, demonstrates colour mixing in a practical and easy-to-follow way.

In addition to being an extensive visual sourcebook to nearly 600 colour mixes, there are paintings featured throughout with all the different hues and mixes in each painting analysed and annotated. In this way, watercolour painters learn by application how to get the best out of their paints.


Sharon Finmark trained at St Martin’s College of Art and teaches life drawing and painting at Lauderdale House in London. She writes for the Artist magazine and is author of several painting books, including 600 Watercolour Mixes (Batsford).