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Being Bold with Watercolour

Robin Capon

Annette Kane



ISBN: 9781849940108

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 20 January 2011

ISBN: 9780713490183

Price: £17.99

Publication date: 31 August 2006

Category: Practical Art

Watercolour is celebrated for its ability to produce subtle, variegated washes, but it is possible to use watercolour as boldly and powerfully as in any other medium, and the wonderfully vibrant paintings of Annette Kane demonstrate this pefectly. Her book covers a range of techniques and advice from colour theory and mixing colours to choosing the right technique for the right subject matter to how to experiment and work adventurously. The emphasis is on bold brushwork and strong colour, and she is not afraid to combine or enhance her effects in watercolour with other elements, such as ink, acrylic and gouache. With a number of step-by-step demonstrations in addition to stunning finished paintings, the book gives every painter the confidence to be bold in watercolour. The chapters cover the following:

Essential skills: Understanding Watercolour; The Right Equipment, Confident Brushwork

Vibrant Colour: Exploring Colour Theory; Expressive Colour; Colour and Design; Mixing Colours

Sunlight and Shadows: Interpreting Light; Light and Form; Exciting Shadows

A Personal Response: Subject Matter; Observation; Essential Elements; Keeping an Open Mind

Freedom and Control: Controlled Method; Working Fast and Loose

Ideas and Approaches: Still life; Gardens; Water; Windows and Doorways; Light


Robin Capon was an experienced author and art journalist. He wrote several books, including with co-authors, David Curtis: Light and Mood in Watercolour 9780713489552 and Abstract and Colour Techniques (with Claire Harrigan) 9780713490558. He was a regular contributor to The Artist and Leisure Painter.



Annette Kane is a celebrated watercolourist. She has had successful solo exhibitions in New York and Amsterdam and is regularly exhibited at the Catto Gallery in London. She appeared regularly as an art expert for Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge.