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Coming soon: Sea Pools

Batsford is very excited to be publishing Sea Pools: 66 saltwater sanctuaries by Chris Romer-Lee on 03 August.

Introducing 66 saltwater sanctuaries to be explored worldwide, this ode to sea swimming by avid sea-swimmer Chris Romer-Lee looks at the architecture, history and social significance of sea pools across the globe. As most keen swimmers understand, the sea can be a challenging and changeable environment, but the design and creation of ‘sea pools’ protects from the dangers of currents, crashing waves and extreme cold.

Beginning with an introduction to manmade sea pools within the history of swimming, and featuring four insightful essays covering conservation, regeneration of the coastline as well as the social and psychological benefits of outdoor swimming, this vibrant book is illustrated throughout with beautiful colour photography and features an abundance of the most beautiful and culturally significant sea pools from around the world.



Sea Pools

Chris Romer-Lee | £25.00

Preorder a copy here.


Sea Pools, by Chris Romer-Lee is published by Batsford


Image credits:

Harmony Park, Cape Town, South Africa, Jay Caboz

Emerald Gate Pool, Dinard, France, Thibault Poriel