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Coming soon: An Apothecary of Art

A date in the diary for all our avid art-lovers out there: from the social media sensation Ravenous Butterflies, their first book An Apothecary of Art will publish on 14 September!

This inspiring debut from social media sensation Ravenous Butterflies is an enlightening collection of sumptuous paintings paired thoughtfully with comforting and restorative words to lift the spirit, calm the mind and heal the soul.

Presented in a beautifully produced book, the online brainchild of artist Lisa Azarmi; Ravenous Butterflies, was set up at a time in her life when things were difficult and provides a safe sanctuary for emotional wellbeing through the uplifting thoughts from great poets, writers and thinkers, married sumptuously with paintings from artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Hasui Kawase, Berthe Morisot, John William Waterhouse, Henri Rousseau and many more.

With mental health conditions increasing worldwide, many of us are looking for ways to improve our mental wellbeing. An Apothecary of Art provides just that: innovative yet timelessly beautiful, it’s a welcome sanctuary for healing and growth, taking the reader on a transformative journey through the pages within.


An Apothecary of Art

Ravenous Butterflies | £18.99

Preorder a copy here.


An Apothecary of Art by Lisa Azarmi (Ravenous Butterflies) is published by Batsford


Image Credits:

An Egyptian Pot Seller at Gizeh, 1876-1878

By Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann